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Posted by Eric

Pumpkin Picture.jpgOnly a couple more days left until Halloween. It has been getting much cooler lately, and the leaves on the trees have begun to change colors. My friend, Matt, invited me to carve pumpkins in the Pembroke lobby. It was a lot of fun; they had a table set up that had tools for scooping the seeds out of the pumpkin and several knives to sculpt their faces. The best part about the activity was that it was FREE. It was nice carving the pumpkins because I used to back in Missouri every year before I came to Belmont. The warmth I have experienced from other students, faculty, and the environment makes Belmont feel like home.


Bon Appétit!

Posted by Alex

Grilled chicken served over a bed of mixed greens, tossed in an Asian-sesame vinaigrette, and topped with fresh cilantro, toasted almonds, and crispy wonton strips. Sound like somthing you would expect to find in a dining hall? Probably not. To be honest, I didn't expect to enjoy anything like this in the cafeteria when I went there to eat a late lunch last Thursday - but as it turned out they had this wonderful salad and several other delicious options on the menu for SodexHo's Food Vendor Expo. And, the best part was that it was all free!!!
Upon walking into the dining hall, or the "caf" as most Belmont students refer to it, I noticed that there were several stations set up, each offering samples of a different type of cuisine. SodexHo.jpg There were shrimp empanadas, bruschetta, black bean quesadillas, three different types of pasta, couscous, turkey roll-ups, macaroni and cheese, vegan chicken caesar wraps, a mashed potato bar...and for dessert...chocolate cheesecake, oreo-peanut butter brownie bars, miniature cupcakes with chocolate and vanilla ganaché, bread pudding, Reeses peanut butter pie ice cream bars (these were AMAZING!), and a few other yummy treats! It was literally the best lunch that I have ever had. After eating, I voted for the items that I liked the best AND - here's the best part - Belmont is going to add the most popular items to our cafeteria. How exciting! They have already served the chocolate I'm looking forward to enjoying that salad sometime in the near future...